Ideal wines for Easter lamb!

Being a huge wine lover, for the past 6 months I have felt pretty much like the luckiest girl in the world.

Not only have I met a super lovely guy but it also turns out that this person shares a wine company with his brother and as a consequence there is always an abundance of wine at our house.

The fun part is teaming up the wine with food for lunch “and” dinner. We’ve shared many an afternoon going to the local farm shop and selecting different cuts of meat to try with various wines or ordering meals from chefs to cook at home pretending we are in a restaurant… until it comes to the washing up! At which stage my amazing boyfriend becomes Onslow from Keeping up Appearances so I have to adopt the role of Mrs Hinch.

Anyway, with Easter coming up I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt regarding pairing wines with the traditional lamb that is devoured on Easter Sunday… of course after the kids have consumed vast amounts of chocolate!

If you’re planning on serving something pink, like a rack or cannon of lamb, try a Pinot noir. There are a variety to choose from depending on how much you want to spend: For £11.95 you can get the Chilean Gran Reserva; mid-range at £20.95 try the Pioneer Block Doctors Creek from Marlborough; high end and the height of absolute orgasmic top of the range luxury go for a Gevrey Chambertin at a mere £58 a bottle – although trust me when the latter is served, I happily do the washing and drying up without even a murmur!!

Alternatively if you’re having a classic leg of lamb with mint sauce and all the trimmings, I personally love a good Bordeaux. For high end beautifulness try the Chateau Batailley at £57 a bottle but equally the Chateau Lestrille Capmartin at £15.95 is not the be sniffed at.

Most years I spend Easter with my Mum but because of lockdown, it simply will not be possible for 2021. If she were able to come over though, and appreciating she only likes white wine and rosè, I would be tempted to serve her with something a bit different such as the “Assyrtiko Thalassitis” from Santorini (£25 per bottle) or a glass of the palest pink rosè from Provence. Knowing my Mum she would love the “Cuvee Marie Christine”, at only £13.95.

Finally for all those pudding and chocolate lovers, there can be nothing better than finishing a meal with a bottle of “Coteaux du Layon produced in the Loire Valley. This is priced at £11.95 and is best served iced cold. I even like to chill the glasses in the freezer for this special treat!

So those are my thoughts and recommendations for what I believe will work best for an Easter tipple.

Enjoy, keep safe, big love

Anna xx

PS As the nights get longer and evenings warmer, I truly cannot wait to sample some of the rosè wine on offer so will let you know my favourites as soon as I can get my sunglasses out…

One thought on “Ideal wines for Easter lamb!

  1. Paul says:

    Whilst the Cuvee Marie is lovely with a fabulous looking bottle I have to say Mr Halls Chateau de l’Aumerade is stunning, get Jez to pull his finger out and get you on that, served chilled on a summers day in the garden was only beaten drinking something similar in France with him some years back!

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